Light Fantastic Stained Glass

Designing with Light

Light Fantastic Stained Glass
333 Valley View Drive
Hillsville, Va 24343


20" diameter $250
bevels and antique glass jewels
without jewels $115


Twin Co Hosp. Meditation Room
5'X 4' 2001

We specialize in custom designed stained glass of uncompromising quality. All our glass comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship, an open-ended trade- in policy, and an assurance of 100% satisfaction. We can build your glass using your image, photo, wallpaper, or we can use one of our original designs. There is no extra charge for an original design; after all, it flows as a gift out of the end of the pencil! When planning a design we rely on our Appalachian heritage, and our windows are full of quilt patterns and birds and flowers We like to play games with light and bevels, but our greatest delight is the work that we do for churches.
Equally at home with either the lead came or the copper foil method of construction, we can fabricate any subject, evoke any style or period, and make any shape or size. You are, however, limited to a choice of approximate 600 colors/ textures of glass.
Our prices start at $55 a square foot. Please donít think that because our prices are reasonable that you are buying inferior glass- we live in a small town in Southwest Virginia, and our studio is our home. You are paying for materials and our time, NOT a fancy storefront, a massive advertising budget, or anyoneís ego. Itís not hard to find more expensive stained glass, but itís hard to find better quality. For more information, please email us

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